Cryptographic Oracles — Cyber Physical Systems and Beyond

Gokul B Alex
2 min readJul 31, 2021

Cryptographic oracles are in vogue and verve in the conjugal circles of cryptocurrencies in the recent times. Despite their foundational position in the field of cryptography, these constructions were not popular for decades.

Afbeelding van Brett Hondow via Pixabay

Oracles can be considered as the source of real world and dynamic digital data across all types of cyber physical systems. These days we have different variants of oracles such as centralized oracles, decentralized oracles, synchronous oracles, asynchronous oracles,synchronous oracles, indexed oracles, random oracles, periodic oracles, quasi — periodic oracles, sharded oracles, semantic oracles, ontological oracles, semantic oracles etc. are some of the emerging possibilities in this space.

However they remain quite mysterious in their computational nature thanks to the ontology of original conceptualizations. In the classical books of cryptography, oracles are associated with random and reflexive behaviors. Hence we often see the notion — Random Oracle in common parlance.

In the simple constructions, these notions are quite helpful to qualify and quantify the pulse of reality. There is no doubt about it. However, the question is — is it sufficient for the contemporary requirements of computational systems such as cyber physical systems?

Cyber physical systems are of different types. Quantum computers, Driver-less Cars, DNA computers, Photonic computers, Neuromorphic computers, Chaotic computers, etc. are some of the elegant examples.

How do we construct ontological and obfuscated oracles for accelerating the accuracy and acceptability of these kind of machinery? It is indeed a million dollar question. Please follow my upcoming articles for the reflections on this conundrum.