Metaphors — Pathway of Primitives

Gokul B Alex
2 min readApr 17, 2024

Anything can become a metaphor when it is a carrier of creative energy. A metaphor is a kind of an asymptote in a mathematical sense. An asymptote of nonlinear kind. It is a departure from the linear flow of meaning. It is an invocation of impulses to a harmonic sequence. Harmonic systems are at times redundant. Metaphors propagates through the polymorphic tendencies of the medium. At the same time, a good metaphor resists every attempt to truncate the context from the text. It cannot be extracted as a monotonic metadata.

Photo by TopSphere Media on Unsplash

There are genuine metaphors and pseudo metaphors. Metaphors that does not conjugate with the main text cannot be considered as good metaphors. Metaphors exist in counter position to the minimalist notions prevalent in semiotic systems.

There are perspectives that focus only on the arbitrariness of signs and contents. There are other perspectives that narrow down on to the autonomy of signs and contents. These perspectives are attempts to place redundant structures around signs.

There are famous theories equating the communication medium and communicated message. They fail to understand the power of metaphors among many other things. Medium is not the message. Medium is beyond the message. When we truncate the context embedded in a message, it becomes a minimalist sign system. Then everything appears arbitrary. Everything appears succinct and subservient.

Metaphors are born from every facets of life. They are the the structures of elevated or enmeshed or entangled or ephemeral or episodic feelings. A movement can become a metaphor. An ideology can become a metaphor. A person can become a metaphor.

It is interesting to note that any construct and cult can become a metaphor when it is able to capture the human imagination across the realms. When a cult transitions from infancy to intricacies, a metaphorical nature emerges from within. When it breaks the barriers of abstraction and autonomy, a cult becomes it’s own reflection and become the source of a metamorphosis.